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  • Home Tuition :

    We as parents have a lot of expectations from our children; to be the best in academics, to excel in every subject and to be on the number one spot every time.
    Besides our best guidance and the child’s efforts and hard work we need that extra support that comes as a professional and experienced supervision and is provided in the form of Home Tuitions. Home Tuitions is a tested and reliable expert guidance that can give your child that extra push to achieve that number one spot. There have been instances where a child is unable to cope up in group coaching classes leading to falling down of performance.
    Home Tuitions is a platform where a child is in a better position to express him or herself and becomes more confident in tackling the problems.

    HOME TUTIONS caters to the requirement of individuals at his / her residence. The valuable information provided by parents / students help us to select the RIGHT TUTOR from our vast database of result oriented faculties.

    Advantages of HOME TUITIONS :

    • At your convenient time / day.
    • At the comfort of your home.
    • Save traveling time (to & for traveling time spend for going to classes).
    • Selection from a large database of tutors as per your requirements.
    • All subjects by experts.

  • Group Tuition :

    Our Small Group sessions consist of 2-5 students working, learning, and studying together. All of the students in the group will be of the same age group, so they will be learning at the same level. There is a saying, “Two heads are better than one” which is what these small groups accomplish; listening to other opinions and ideas and seeing other points of view. Ultimately children will end up helping each other.

    Many children open up when they have a few other students around them who are in the same situation. A discouraged or reluctant student may be encouraged when they see others who want to learn. In a small group, students learn to tolerate different backgrounds and see different learning styles. One of the greatest advantages is that a child would learn teamwork that will be valuable later on in a working environment.

  • Class Room Coaching :

    Nisha Tutorials adopts an innovative & strategic approach in classroom sessions, where learning is always an enjoyable experience. The basics & fundamentals of subject are taught in a very simple & lucid manner. Faculty Members always explain concepts with real life examples in very articulated manner enabling each student to grasp these up to the grass root level.

    Each classroom session covers the vital aspects of the subject comprising theoretical and numerical aspects of the subject, which is followed by exercising graduated set of logical and mathematical examples to firmly grasp the fundamentals & concepts.

    Aim of all classroom sessions is to develop student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities, which is an essential ingredient to achieve in an examination. The Scientific Teaching Methodology at Nisha Tutorials effectively leverages the experience of highly qualified faculty members in absolute positive way. Inevitably it develops competitiveness, nurtures every student’s inherent talent and boosts the confidence of each student.